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This is the New Bronco Channel.

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This is the New Bronco Channel.

Hello. Welcome. Please, remove your shoes at the door. We’ll take your coat.

This, my friend, is the new Bronco Channel.

Whether you’ve known about us for years or this is the first time we’re meeting, forget everything you thought you knew about Bronco Channel.

Bronco Channel is now a curated blog made just for Broncos. We’re here to produce and share the kind of stuff that you—the modern day, well-educated, finely dressed Cal Poly Pomona student—want to see. What are the most popular hoodies at the bookstore? What are our picks for the top five burgers on campus? Need some ideas to relieve stress before finals? We’ve got you covered.

Now if you’re a CPP student’s younger sibling, curious parent or envious non-CPP friend, you’re welcome to indulge in the treasures of our blog as well. But you may find some excuse to leave early, because really, the material we’ve got on Bronco Channel is made just for Broncos (CPP students and wild horses alike).

So please, come in and sit back. Can we get you a drink? The show’s about to begin.

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