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Fourth-year food nutrition major Micah hopes to someday become a dietician who educates kids about eating healthy. However, when she was younger, she wanted to be a film studies major, which likely stemmed from her appreciation for movies. Some of her favorites include La La Land and Her, but if you’re in the mood for an indie film that’ll help you shed some tears, she recommends Never Let Me Go.
Micah’s biggest passion lies in going to concerts and discovering new music. One show that she recently enjoyed was Mike Snow at Outside Lands in San Francisco, but her favorite group is definitely CHVRCHES, who she’s seen perform four times!
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Spotlight on Bronco Channel features various Cal Poly Pomona students. If you’re interested in or know someone who would be a good candidate for Spotlight, email Darren at Must be a current Cal Poly Pomona student. 

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