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Cal Poly Pomona Gear Love Model



“The perfect balance of science, art and social responsibility.” This is how third-year landscape architecture student Melissa describes the field she’s chosen to study. She’s chosen this field because the work involves people, ethics and the environment, which can potentially lead to to some significant positive changes for you, me and the world.
That, my friends, is true ambition.
It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do great things, so in the very little free time Melissa is able to afford herself, she spends it doing equally spectacular things. She loves surfing, traveling and getting away to the mountains whenever she can. She even did a backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevadas for two weeks! While she’s a “California girl” at heart, one of her favorite places is Bali, which she considers to be the mecca for surfing.
Spotlight on Bronco Channel features various Cal Poly Pomona students. If you’re interested in or know someone who would be a good candidate for Spotlight, email Darren at Must be a current Cal Poly Pomona student. 

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