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Reasons Why Getting an On-Campus Job is the Best Option For You

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Reasons Why Getting an On-Campus Job is the Best Option For You

An on-campus job has plenty of perks that every student should try and take advantage of. Here are the top five:

1.)  A school-friendly work schedule: No one understands the demands of a college student quite like campus employers. If you work off campus, your boss may not understand the importance of your education. You may get lucky and get someone who will be flexible if you need to miss a shift to study, but not all off-campus jobs are forgiving of a student’s hectic schedule. Campus employers are familiar with the college schedule, including breaks and finals, and tend to work around those if possible.

2.) You’ll probably get close to your co-workers: Your co-workers are students on campus, just like you, and they are probably facing the same struggles. You can bond over similar classes, finding somewhere to eat on campus and lack of sleep (most likely).

3.) Caring managers: College is a time of transition. Us students aren’t children anymore, but we aren’t quite adults either, at least when we first arrive to school. A campus job ensures that you will regularly come into contact with adults who have your best interest in mind.

4.) It offers unbeatable convenience: The amount of money and time you’ll save from traveling from campus to work throughout the week is unbeatable. Also, on-campus jobs have reasonable hours and are usually closed the same time the school is closed for holidays.

5.) It helps you engage with the campus and keeps school a priority: With an on-campus job, you will benefit from helping other students and feeling connected to the campus community. And school will always come first.

To view available jobs on campus, check out CPP Foundation’s Job Listings!

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