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5 Reasons You Should Attend a CPP Basketball game.

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5 Reasons You Should Attend a CPP Basketball game.

Over the past few months, both our men’s and women’s teams have been training to finally put their basketball skills to the test. Here are a few reasons why a basketball game is a fun and cheap way to enjoy a night at Cal Poly Pomona.

1. Our teams are actually really good

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Both our men’s and women’s squad are constant contenders in the NCAA Division II Tournament and always finish high in their conference!

2. You get to feel connected to school

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Getting involved in Cal Poly Pomona isn’t always easy—this might be the perfect outlet to show some school spirit!

3. These games will only be fun while you’re in college

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At least for college sports, the excitement usually comes when it’s your own team. Now is the perfect opportunity to root for your fellow Broncos!

4. You get to meet new people


Usually people who attend basketball games are friendly and talking about the game is always an easy conversation starter!

5. Your ticket is free, among other things

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At CPP, your tickets are already included in your tuition, so bring your school ID and your entrance will be free! Also, our basketball games are known to always be handing out awesome deals! Like foam fingers or even free t-shirts!

For more information about CPP Men’s Basketball, visit Bronco Athletics.

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