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The area between buildings 3 and 8—this is where you’ll most likely find Asma when she’s on campus because she loves the outdoors and that’s her spot. Whether she’s exploring a local regional park on her spare time or studying in an open field, this fourth-year biotechnology student says that what she appreciates most about Southern California is being outside to take it all in.
However, when comparing the two, she’ll always have a special place for her home region of NorCal over SoCal. For Asma, the weather, people and sense of culture in the East Bay can’t be beat. Don’t worry SoCal, Asma also loves the San Bernardino mountains.
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Spotlight on Bronco Channel features various Cal Poly Pomona students. If you’re interested in or know someone who would be a good candidate for Spotlight, email Darren at Must be a current Cal Poly Pomona student. 

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