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NEW Fall Items at Jamba Juice!

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NEW Fall Items at Jamba Juice!

Jamba Juice at the BRIC is excited to announce a few new items for the Fall 2018 Semester! Beginning Monday, August 20 Jamba Juice will offer a Nutty Almond Butter Bowl, Peachy Green Goodness Bowl and a Pistachio Power Smoothie. 

The Nutty Almond Butter Bowl is a delicious treat for a quick on the go snack. The bowl is blended with almond butter and Almondmilk, then topped with almonds. YUM! 

Go nuts for pistachios with the Pistachio Power Smoothie! Enjoy all of the health benefits from the pistachios, including the enhancement of cardiovascular health and Vitamin A. 

The new Peachy Green Goodness Bowl is a great option for all of the vegans out there! Featuring a delicious combination of greens and fruit, this bowl is filled with the goodness of the leafy green kale. Healthy and delicious!

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